Office furniture

Discover Carti Meubles’ key know-how that ensure that the company is able to meet all your requirements:


With its strong experience, CARTI’s design department will assist and recommend on the functional, ergonomic and dimensional aspects of your project. To meet your requirements, we elaborate and design your product or your range of products. Our technicians master CAD softwares. They submit 3D plans, and respect your requirements & specifications as well as your delivery terms. Their fields of expertise include product development but also the implementation of drawings, costing, prototypes, instruction manuals.


At Carti Meubles, we have dedicated employees for the sales administration. Their main functions is to ensure an efficient order processing system. Their job is to enter the orders and the delivery notes. These employees are in contact with the customer and the different departments. They are responsible for the organising deliveries as well as loading of trucks before shipments. A high level of versatility is required for this job. They are accustomed to heavy workloads and tight deadlines on a daily basis.

“To find a truck in the urgency for a complicated destination, to deal with the emergency, and to satisfy as much as possible our customer, that is what makes me come to work, with the same satisfaction over the years” Aude, Sales Administration, with Carti Meubles for the last 20 years.